SportsHollywood asks ten questions to the brightest, fastest, funniest people in sports, show business, and broadcasting. And sometimes they even answer them:

*NSYNC's Lance Bass reveals his best sport (*NSYNChronized Swimming?)

Actor/racer Josh Brolin calls the SH editor a bad name! (But he's still cool!)

Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui goes "On the Line" for the LA Clippers!

Actor Mark Consuelos shows he's more than Kelly's hubby!

Mark DeCarlo on Ron Goldman, Kathie Lee Gifford and the games men really play!

The racy Cristićn de la Fuente, a very "Driven" actor, talks to us on the Sly.

Actor Bruce Dern on being a good bad guy.

We pose questions to model/actress Deena Dill and then she poses for you!

"Sabrina" star Elisa Donovan proves that she's not "Clueless," and pretty fast!

Interview with the Vamp: Kirsten Dunst tells our interviewer to "Bring It On!"

"Friends" writer R. Lee Fleming, Jr. says "She's All That," and he can't "Get Over It."

Deborah Foreman, the first, best "Valley Girl", thinks Shaq and Kobe are rilly bitchin'!

Kel Gleason "Survivor"-survivor Kel Gleason survives another challenge -- our interview.

Duckman "DAG" and "In Living Color" star David Alan Grier is funny, DAG-nab it!

Actor Dennis Haysbert gives "Major League" answers about "Love and Basketball."

"Princess Diaries" director Garry Marshall on playing hardball in Hollywood!

"61*" and "Quiz Show" star Chris McDonald is quizzed right back!

Olympic gymnast Betty Okino balancing sports and acting.

"ER" star Erik Palladino proves he's one smooth operator on the race track!

"Coyote Ugly" star Piper Perabo gets racy driving at the Long Beach Grand Prix!

Tara Tara Reid reveals she was harrassed by 100,000 Super Bowl drunks!

Ryan Reynolds reveals what it's like to take Tara Reid to the Super Bowl!

William Shatner attempts warp speed at the Long Beach Grand Prix!

B-ball chucker Harry Shearer of "Spinal Tap," "The Simpsons," and "SNL."

"SNL" and "Mr. Show" diva Sarah Silverman: Beautiful comediennes love sports, too.

"Entertainment Tonight" reporter Mark Steines finally gets interviewed back!

Jay Thomas on football, "Cheers," "Murphy Brown," and Darva and Rick!

I don't think we're alone now! An all-night party and breakfast at Tiffany's!

Interview with the late Eddie LeBec (Jay Thomas) of the Boston Bruins and Cheers.

Duckman Duckman discusses "water sports" and his TV series' return on Comedy Central!

"Sexiest Sportscaster in America," CBS Sports' "NFL Today" siren Jill Arrington!

Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks discovers that driving is faster than jogging!

CART's Memo Gidley & Casey Mears give racy answers about life in the fast lane.

NFL great Jim Kelly is quizzed and (just like in football) passes easily.

Interview with the late Eddie LeBec (Jay Thomas) of the Boston Bruins and Cheers.

Sportswriter Bill Little on life and Texas football (not in that order).

Car racer Emerson Newton-John, nephew of Olivia! Axle grease is the word!

Olympic gymnast Betty Okino gets Undressed over balancing sports and acting.

Actress, dancer, and NFL head coach's kid! Meet Tracy Phillips, the perfect woman!

Rudy Ruettiger: The real man behind the film "Rudy" on life after Notre Dame.

Baseball star Tim Salmon talks about the real national pastime - parenthood.

Does Kaitlin Sandeno's Olympic medal count for extra credit in gym class?

Pro racer Sara Senske speeds through ten questions and finishes strong!

Football great Bubba Smith has great taste in a filling interview.

"Jerry Maguire" model and Super Agent Leigh Steinberg shows his clients the money!

4-time Olympian Dara Torres on her drive to succeed in the Toyota Grand Prix!

Actress/model Ashley Akin loves hockey. Anybody want to check her?

Actress Kathryn Hancock reveals her secret sports "Passions."

"Passions" star"" Alicia Fusting on tempting horny Amish boys!

Actress/Dancer Nicole Kathryn: She likes the Cowboys, but we love her anyway!

SportsHollywood's Head Cheerleader, Parker Shipp, keeping in Shipp-shape!

The "Luvabull" Kristen Strawbridge cheers for Bobby Knight and stretches for the Bulls.


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