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SportsHollywood covers the intersection of sports and entertainment in modern culture. Wherever a bloated movie star is shagging fly balls at a charity event, we'll be there; Wherever NBA cheerleaders perform at a supermarket opening we'll be looking up their skirts to see if they remembered their panties; Wherever Dennis Rodman is starring in yet another action TV show...

... ah, forget it. We won't even watch that.


We miss you Suzanne Sommers!!!
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Jeffrey C. Hause has written professionally (in a very amateur fashion) for entertainers like Jay Leno, Jim Carrey, Rodney Dangerfield, Gabe Kaplan, Rick Dees and people he'd rather not tell you about. He's also written screenplays for producers like Ivan Reitman, Richard Donner, Ray Stark, Lawrence Turman, and Samuel Goldwyn Jr., at studios like Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Columbia, Franchise Pictures and Interscope. In his spare time, he worries that this is all meaningless and stares into a dark, gaping abyss as the earth crumbles around him. E-mail his agent for his comedy rates. Here's his résumé & e-mail.

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Ed Marinaro
In his three seasons as Cornell's tailback, Ed Marinaro established eight NCAA career records and was the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy. After turning pro he was a running back for the Jets, Vikings and Seahawks and played in the Super Bowl.

He then turned to acting and played everyone from Joe Coffey on the classic TV show "Hill Street Blues" to Joey Buttafuoco in "Long Island Lolita."

In his off-time he enjoys golfing in celebrity tournaments and ranting in SportsHollywood. You can write him at here.

Rich Hull
Rich Hull is a prolific producer of films and television, with a special focus on projects created especially for the highly sought-after youth audiences. He is one of those rare producers who is successful in not only studio movies, but also independent films, television series and documentaries. His credits include Miramax's On the Line, Miramax's Get Over It, Miramax's She's All That, Lion's Gate's American Psycho II, Fox Sports / PBS / CSTV’s award-winning sports documentary The Story of Darrell Royal (narrated by Matthew McConaughey), the current Showtime television series Free For All, various MTV series, the Showtime movie Jekyll Island, and many others. Rich is a Consultant to SportsHollywood.

Rodney Lee Conover
Rodney Lee Conover has been performing on stage professionally for ten years both as a stand-up comic and comedic actor. He has appeared on HBO, FOX Television, Comedy Central and has written for CBS, Polygram, E! Entertainment Network, Sony Worldwide, Metropolitan Entertainment Group, and USA Network.

Here's his résumé. You can E-mail him at rodney@sportshollywood.com.

Jeffrey Hause
Jeffrey C. Hause has been writing professionally (in a very amateur fashion) for fifteen years. He's written screenplays at film studios like Warner Brothers, Disney, Universal, Columbia, and Interscope; and for producers such as Ivan Reitman, Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and Ray Stark. Jeff has also written for comics and entertainers such as Rodney Dangerfield, Gabe Kaplan, Rick Dees, and Jay Leno.

Here's his résumé. You can e-mail him at jeff@sportshollywood.com.

Betty Okino: Columnist; Correspondent. E-mail her at bettyokino@sportshollywood.com.
1991 World Championships: Silver Medalist (Team), Bronze Medalist (Beam) and 4th AA
1991 American Cup: Champion and Gold Medalist (AA, Vault, Bars)
1992 World Championships: Silver Medalist (Bars) and Event Finalist (8th Beam)
1992 Olympics: Bronze Medalist (Team) and Event Finalist (6th Beam)
2002: Inducted into U.S.A. Gymnastics Hall of Fame.
Film: Creature Unknown (2003)
TV: The District, The Andy Dick Show, Moesha, Nikki, Undressed, Popular.


Writer; Bellyacher. He has no "résumé." He didn't place in any of the above gymnastic events. Leave him alone.

Dan Mahin

Interviewer/CART correspondent. Don't E-mail him.

Dave Hines

Softball correspondent. Don't E-mail him.

Melissa Jones

Office Goddess. E-mail her at melissa@sportshollywood.com. Read her fan correspondence here.

Karen Bailey

Advertising, sales. View her birthday party, then E-mail her at karen@sportshollywood.com.

Ed Smith

Computers; Technical support. Don't E-mail him.

Parker Shipp

Head cheerleader. See more of her here!

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