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PERFECT WOMAN: Dancer & Choreographer TRACY PHILLIPS, the daughter of Wade, and granddaughter of Bum.

THE FOUL TIP: As a public service, we compare Vegas Sportsbook odds vs. the odds of a real-life catastrophe destroying an innocent, virtuous life.
PENALTY BOX: A mugshot gallery full of offensive charges, reckless drives, run'n'shoot offenses, and weak defensive efforts.
  • Celebrity Interviews!
  • Ode to the LA B-Ball Fan
  • Jerry Coleman Quotes!
  • Letters to SportsHollywood!
  • Hollywood Stars
    The Hollywood Stars
    Jayne Mansfield! Gary Cooper! Bugsy Siegel! Hollywood's own star-owned pro AAAA baseball team in the Golden Age of movies and TV!

    Hollywood Stars Jayne Mansfield! Gary Cooper! Bugsy Siegel! Baseball in SoCal: The HOLLYWOOD STARS
    Welcome To DIMAGGIO'S GROTTO, in San Francisco (Lobster: $1.95)
    The field, the stadium, the ivy - but no Cubs: WRIGLEY FIELD, LOS ANGELES!

    Fatty Arbuckles's scandalous ballclub, the VERNON TIGERS!
    Production "If you build it, the other guy won't leave."
    How baseball didn't bring two people together. SportsHollywood eases the pain of the real "Field of Dreams" farm in Dyersville, Iowa! (It's all just a big bunch of corn.)


    The high school basketball team that inspired Hoosiers.
    Pre-History: One life, two different movies... Which one is true?
    Rudy vs. Rudy: Ten Questions with Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger!
    Dalkowski The real "Nuke Laloosh" of Bull Durham: Steve Dalkowski.
    Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
    Tour the race Pro/Celebrity course at 150 MPH with Paul Tracy! We interview William Shatner, Piper Perabo, and Josh Brolin - who calls me a bad word! (And race results, like you care!)
    It's her turn to be the judge! Olympic gymnast nails Olympic films: Betty Okino's Five-Ring Reviews!
    He shows no class in 1st Class! Flying the Unfriendly Skies with Allen Air Iverson
    CART Drivers rate the best and worst Racing Films! (Tom Cruise and Sly: Please skip this article.)
    Rudy Ruettiger
    The real man behind the film "Rudy," on life after Notre Dame. (He's the only third string player to ever be carried off the field on other players' shoulders, instead of on a stretcher.)

    "SNL" and "Mr. Show" diva Sarah Silverman: Beautiful comediennes love sports, too.
    Garry Director Garry Marshall on playing hardball in Hollywood -- okay, softball...
    B-ball chucker Harry Shearer of "Spinal Tap," "The Simpsons," and "SNL."
    Okino The Betty Okino Archive
    The beautiful Olympic medalist and actress shows that she's a perfect 10 off the balance beam, as well as on it.
    Interview with the fictional Eddie LeBec (Jay Thomas) of the Bruins and Cheers.
    Duckman Interview with the fictional Duckman (Everett Peck), now on Comedy Central.
    Peck "Duckman" creator Everett Peck's Park City Ski Sketchbook
    Inspirational Quotes
    Pro Athletes inspire the rest of us to run, with quotes like, "I want all the kids to do what I do, to look up to me. I want all the kids to copulate me." (Andre Dawson on being a role model)
    Tim Robbins What a load of Bull (Durham)
    There is no joy in slinging Mudville: Tim Robbins protests a call by the Baseball Hall of Fame on Bull Durham's anniversary.

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