Our website MVP, the beautiful Parker Shipp is a five foot seven inch, 105-pound, blond-haired, brown-eyed actress, living in Los Angeles.

She is also a model who has appeared in various films, plays, TV shows and commercials. She's also a very talented singer, currently recording with her band in an L.A. studio.

She attended the University of Texas and appeared in various theatrical shows, including the lead in The Gypsy Circus, before moving out to Los Angeles to begin her professional acting career. (She recently appeared in several national commercials, films and an award-winning production of "Hair.")

When Parker's not cheering for SportsHollywood, you can see her in the opening credits of MTV's Loveline, and in Net Aid and Sears TV commercials. She can also be seen at our sister site, Comedy On Tap. Parker also appears on various CD covers, and in the March 2003 "Hollywood Issue" of GQ Magazine (Pages 329-331).

Ms. Shipp enjoys singing, dancing, swimming, snow skiing, water skiing, tumbling, ice skating, rollerskating, rollerblading, biking, volleyball, basketball, Tae Bo, yoga, aerobics, snorkeling and diving.

And, yes, she really is this good-looking. You can see more of her here and here.

SportsHollywood: Favorite sport?

Parker: To play? Mountain biking and skiing. To watch? Basketball. Especially the Lakers.

SportsHollywood: Favorite athlete?

Parker: KOBE!!!

SportsHollywood: Do you have any photos of you in lingerie or anything?

Parker: This is supposed to be about sports!

SportsHollywood: Right... Favorite sports moment?

Image Courtesy of GQ Magazine.
Parker: Nothing in particular comes to mind, but I always love it when Shaq dives after a loose ball and lands on some fan watching in the first few rows.

SportsHollywood: Favorite sports movie?

Parker: Hoosiers and Major League. Charlie Sheen was hilarious in that movie. Hey! How about a little eye contact? Quit staring at my breasts. They don't talk. My mouth talks.

SportsHollywood: Right. Sorry. Um... where were we?

Parker: Major League!!!

SportsHollywood: Right... How many times has Charlie Sheen hit on you?

Parker: Shaddup...

SportsHollywood: Upcoming projects:

Parker: I've just joined a rock band. Music is my first love -- I sing and play guitar.

SportsHollywood: Are you wearing underwear?

Parker: Sports!

SportsHollywood: Oops, sorry. Let's see... Have you ever been a cheerleader before?

Parker: Yes, in high school, in Texas. And NO, mom never tried to kill any of the other cheerleaders.

SportsHollywood: What are your plans as SportsHollywood's Head Cheerleader?

Parker: During the course of my reign, I plan to spread peace and love throughout the world. I hope to bring people of every nation, creed and race together in the celebration of sports and entertainment. I hope to heal the cultural wounds that have festered for centuries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. And hopefully, get a few modeling gigs.

SportsHollywood: What is the worst pick-up line you've ever heard, other than Charlie Sheen's?

Parker: Let's see... It'd have to be, "Hey Parker, want to do an interview for SportsHollywood? Let me take you to dinner and ask some questions!"

SportsHollywood: Crap...

Don't worry -- we've read all of your e-mails, and more photos of Parker are coming. Here are a few more.


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