SportsHollywood asks ten questions to the brightest, fastest, funniest people in sports, show business, and broadcasting. And sometimes they even answer them:
Ten Questions
Duckman Lance & Joey of *N Sync at Wrigley Field:
On the Line
Sundance Film Festival
Gala and Police Raid
Duckman Toyota Grand Prix:
Pro/Celebrity Race
Olympic gymnast reviews sports films...
Olympic Film Reviews
Don't leave this column early
Ode to the L.A. Basketball Fan
Menu (Lobster: $1.95)...
Welcome To DiMaggio's
Field of Dreams We heal the pain of the real Iowa farm...
Field of Dreams
Steve Prefontaine: 2 Films, 2 Lives...
CART Drivers rate the best and worst...

Racing Films

Duckman Director Garry Marshall on...
The real man behind the classic sports film, "Rudy"...
Rudy Ruettiger
Charity Cases

Celebrity Sports Gallery

Sigourney Weaver

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