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LINKS OF THE WEEK: CamelToe.org - Man's greatest sport: spotting cameltoes on hot-looking women!

Outsports.com - Outsports' mission is to build the broadest, deepest, most informative and most entertaining gay sports community. This encompasses sports fans, and teams and leagues. A mixture of breaking news, commentary, features, member profiles, photo galleries, chat rooms and discussion boards, Outsports is the place to go for sports fans and athletes. Nothing like Outsports exists either on- or off-line.

MLB Links

LINK OF THE WEEK: Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers - the voice of the Cubs!

LINK OF THE WEEK: Jim Bouton - official site of the author of "Ball Four"!

Local News Links

American League
  Anaheim Angels - Los Angeles Times, MLB.com
  Baltimore Orioles - Sun, Post, MLB.com
  Boston Red Sox - Globe, Herald, MLB.com
  Chicago White Sox - Sun-Times, Tribune, MLB.com
  Cleveland Indians - Cleveland.com, Ohio.com, MLB.com
  Detroit Tigers - Detroit News, Free Press, Michigan Live, MLB.com
  Kansas City Royals - Star, Wichita Eagle, MLB.com
  Minnesota Twins - Pioneer Planet, MLB.com
  New York Yankees - Post, Bergen Record, NJ Online, MLB.com
  Oakland Athletics - Chronicle, BayArea.com, MLB.com
  Seattle Mariners - Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, MLB.com
  Tampa Bay Devil Rays - SP Times, Tampa Bay Online, MLB.com
  Texas Rangers - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, MLB.com
  Toronto Blue Jays - SLAM, MLB.com

National League
  Arizona Diamondbacks - Central, Access Arizona, MLB.com
  Atlanta Braves - Access Atlanta, Atlanta Nation, Chop Talk, NBA.com
  Chicago Cubs - Sun-Times, MLB.com
  Cincinnati Reds - Cincinnati.com, Post, MLB.com
  Colorado Rockies - Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, MLB.com
  Florida Marlins - Sun-Sentinal, Miami Herald, SoFla.com, MLB.com
  Houston Astros - Chronicle, MLB.com
  Los Angeles Dodgers - Times, MLB.com
  Milwaukee Brewers - Journal-Sentinal, MLB.com
  Montreal Expos - SLAM, MLB.com
  New York Mets - Newsday, Post, MLB.com
  Philadelphia Phillies - Philly.com, MLB.com
  Pittsburgh Pirates - Pittsburgh.com, Post-Gazette, Pirate Report, MLB.com
  San Diego Padres - Union-Tribune, SDInsider.com, MLB.com
  San Francisco Giants - Bay Area.com, Gate, Press-Democrat, Bay Insider, MLB.com
  St. Louis Cardinals - Post-Dispatch, MLB.com

National Baseball News

Sporting News
Fox Sports

CBS Sportsline
USA Today
Heckle Depot
Strike Three
Baseball Prospectus
National Baseball Hall of Fame
Where is Roger?
Baseball Humor Books
Hofstetter's Baseball Jerk of the Week


NFL Links

LINK OF THE WEEK: Terrible Terry Tate!

Local News Links

  Baltimore Ravens - Sun, Washington Post, NFL.com
  Buffalo Bills - Rochester Democrat-Chronicle, Buffalo News, NFL.com
  Cincinnati Bengals - Post, Enquirer, NFL.com
  Cleveland Browns - Akron Beacon Journal, NFL.com
  Denver Broncos - Post, Rocky Mountain News, NFL.com
  Indianapolis Colts - Star, NFL.com
  Jacksonville Jaguars - Florida Times-Union, NFL.com
  Kansas City Chiefs - Star, NFL.com
  Miami Dolphins - Herald, SoFla.com, Sun-Sentinal, NFL.com
  New England Patriots - Boston Globe, NFL.com
  New York Jets - Newsday, NJOnline, NFL.com
  Oakland Raiders - SF Gate, Bay Insider, San Jose Mercury, NFL.com
  Pittsburgh Steelers - Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh.com, NFL.com
  San Diego Chargers - Union-Tribune, SD Insider, SD Sports Network, NFL.com
  Seattle Seahawks - Times, NFL.com
  Tennessee Titans - Tennessean, Titans Radio, NFL.com

National Football Conference
  Arizona Cardinals - AZ Central, Access Arizona, NFL.com
  Atlanta Falcons - Access Atlanta, NFL.com
  Carolina Panthers - Charlotte.com, NFL.com
  Chicago Bears - Sun-Times, Bear Report, NFL.com
  Dallas Cowboys - Morning News, Tex News, Star-Telegram, Austin 360, NFL.com
  Detroit Lions - Detroit News, Free Press, MLive, NFL.com
  Green Bay Packers - Press-Gazette, News-Chronicle, Journal-Sentinal, NFL.com
  Minnesota Vikings - Pioneer-Planet, NFL.com
  New Orleans Saints - NOLA Live, NFL.com
  New York Giants - Newsday, New Jersey Online, Times, NFL.com
  Philadelphia Eagles - Philly.com, New Jersey Online, NFL.com
  San Francisco 49ers - Gate, Bay Insider, NFL.com
  St. Louis Rams - Post-Dispatch, NFL.com
  Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa Bay Online, Buc Link Review, NFL.com
  Washington Redskins - Post, NFL.com
  Houston Texans - NFL.com

National News

Sporting News
Fox Sports

CBS Sportsline
USA Today
Hofstetter's Basketball Jerk of the Week
Football vs. Sex


NBA Links

LINK OF THE WEEK: "Hoop Dreams" - official site

Local News Links

Pacific Division
  Golden State Warriors - SF Gate, SJMerc, SFEx, NBA.com
  Los Angeles Clippers - Los Angeles Times, OCR, NBA.com
  Los Angeles Lakers - Los Angeles Times, OCR, NBA.com
  Phoenix Suns - AZ Republic, Access AZ, NBA.com
  Portland Trail Blazers - Oregon Live, NBA.com
  Sacramento Kings - Sacramento Bee, NBA.com
  Seattle SuperSonics - Seattle Times, SPostInt, Tacoma, NBA.com

Midwest Division
  Dallas Mavericks - Dallas Morning News, Star-Tele, NBA.com
  Denver Nuggets - Denver Post, RockyMountainNews, NBA.com
  Houston Rockets - Houston Chron
,Clutch City, NBA.com
  Minnesota Timberwolves - Star Tribune, Pioneer Plnt, NBA.com
  San Antonio Spurs - SA Express News, NBA.com
  Utah Jazz - Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, Ogden Standard, NBA.com
  Vancouver Grizzlies - Vancouver Province
, Slam, Sun, NBA.com, Go Memphis

Atlantic Division
  Boston Celtics - Boston Herald, Boston Globe, NBA.com
  Miami Heat - Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, NBA.com
  New Jersey Nets - NJOnline, BergenCR, NYP, NBA.com
  New York Knicks - New York Post, Bergen,NJO, NBA.com
  Orlando Magic - Orlando Sentinel, NBA.com
  Philadelphia 76ers - Philly.com, NJO, NBA.com
  Washington Wizards - Washington Post, Times, NBA.com

Central Division
  Atlanta Hawks - Access Atlanta, NBA.com
  Charlotte Hornets - Charlotte.com, Winston Salem Jour, Go Car, NBA.com
  Chicago Bulls - Chicago Tribune, Sun Times, NBA.com
  Cleveland Cavaliers - CL, Beacon Journal, NBA.com
  Detroit Pistons - Detroit News , Free Press, Michigan Live, NBA.com
  Indiana Pacers - Indianapolis Star, NBA.com
  Milwaukee Bucks - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, NBA.com
  Toronto Raptors - Slam Sports, NBA.com

National News

Sporting News
Fox Sports

CBS Sportsline
USA Today
Foul Shots
Hofstetter's Basketball Jerk of the Week

NHL Links

LINK OF THE WEEK: The Official Home of the Hanson Brothers ("Slapshot")

  NHL Players' Association
  USA Today
  Sporting News

  International Olympic Committee
  Salt Lake City, 2002
  Athens, 2004
  NBC Olympics Page
  US Olympic Team
  USA Gymnastics
  Special Olympics


LINK OF THE WEEK: Megakournikova - All Anna, all the time

  Wimbledon (official site)
  US Open
  United States Tennis Association
  The Tennis Server
  Tennis Week
  Tennis World
  International Tennis Hall of Fame
  International Wheelchair Tennis Federation (IWTF)
  International Tennis Federation

PGA: Coverage of every tournament, golfer, course, and John Daly's latest arrests!

CART Racing: They're fast, they're powerful, they're loud, they're charismatic... and they turn right!

NASCAR: The fastest growing sport in the country. That "Frasier" ad on NBC is pretty funny, isn't it?

ARENA FOOTBALL: What the XFL wanted to be -- fast, fun, and with nasty cheerleaders. The net rules get kind of confusing, though...

WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE: Proof of equality -- women can start a rival football league and go out of business, just like men.

XFL: It's dead! Who says the American public has no taste? Read all about the demise... and there are still some photos of those nasty cheerleaders!


THIS WEEK'S HOT LINK: Celebrity Mugshot Gallery

  MAXIM's Hockey Name Generator
  Wembley Park
  Heckle Depot
  Hofstetter's Jerk of the Week
  Jim Rome
  Nick Bakay
  Cavalcade of Mascots
  "American Indian" Sports Team Mascots
  Sports R Gay
  Celebrity Mugshot Gallery
  Extreme Ironing
  Who's On First? - radio recording (Real Player needed)


THIS WEEK'S HOT LINK: We Were Extras in "Baseketball!"

  The Official Home of the Hanson Brothers ("Slapshot")
  Upcomingmovies.com: Sports
  Sports Illustrated's Top Twenty Sports Movies
  E! Online's Top Ten Sports Movies
  Sportsology Sports Movies
  Any Given Sunday
  Jerry Maguire
  Love and Basketball
  The Fan
  Tin Cup
  For the Love of the Game
  Major League: Back to the Minors
  Without Limits
  Hoop Dreams
  The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg
  Space Jam
  Michael Jordan to the MAX


LINK OF THE WEEK: Gamblers Anonymous

  Ask the Bookie
  The Daily Spread
  Sports Section Online

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