The following review is by the best independent film magazine in the business, Film Threat (We felt that way even before this review, but reading it sure didn't hurt our opinion):


If you don't like sports and/or entertainment in some shape or form, then you might be a little weird in the head. The good people at know a sure thing when they see it, and their blend of news on both Hollywood and the world of sports is unique and often funny.

Everyone has seen Field of Dreams, but how many people know the story of the two warring families who each currently own a part of the original "Field" field? did some sleuthing, and their exclusive coverage from Dyersville, Iowa gets the dirt on the feuding farmers, who have rival gift shops on opposite sides of the tourist-ridden (over 750,000 and counting) film spot.

If baseball isn't your thing, then check out the "Who's in Jail" column, and an arousing gallery of "revealing" sports pics, as well as interviews with celebrities like stand-up comedienne Sarah Silverman and Garry Marshall. For more, see the the Sportshollywood site.



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