(All the women Bond has had carnal relations with in films)



Dr. No
Honey Ryder, Miss Taro
From Russia With Love
Tatiana Romanova, Vida, Zora, gypsy girl.
Jill Masterson, Pussy Galore
Domino, Fiona, Patricia Fearing
Casino Royale
Nobody (I told you it was bad)
You Only Live Twice
Aki, Helga, Kissy
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Tracy, Ruby, Nancy, possibly an oriental girl, but, thankfully, not Her Majesty.
Diamonds Are Forever
Tiffany Case, Plenty O'Toole.
Live and Let Die
Solitaire, Miss Caruso, Rosie.
The Man With the Golden Gun
Mary Goodnight, Andrea.
The Spy Who Loved Me
and several other people, including Anya, cabin girl, Egyptian girl.
Holly Goodhead, Corrine.
For Your Eyes Only
Melina, Lisl.
Octopussy (she needed all eight of them), Magda.
Never Say Never Again
Domino, Fatima, Patricia Fearing, Deep-sea fishing girl.
A View To a Kill
May Day, Stacey, Kimberly, Pola (with a 57-year-old? Eeyew!)
The Living Daylights
Kara, Linda the yacht girl.
Licence To Kill
Pam Bouvier, Lupe.
Natalya, MI6 elvaluator, (almost) Xenia Onatopp.
Tomorrow Never Dies
Danish language instructor and Paris Carver, but not Wai Lin (Bond refuses to sleep with women who are fitter than he is).
The World is not Enough
Dr. Warmflash, Elektra King, Christmas Jones. And Moneypenny's getting closer!
Die Another Day
Jinx, Samantha Frost, and whoever the hell else there was. I lost track.
Casino Royale
Solange, Vesper... NO MONEYPENNY!
Quantum of Solace
Strawberry Fields, no Moneypenny!
Unidentified Turkish Woman, Sévérine, and... BOND... NAILS... MONEYPENNY!

On the tote board, that means that Sean Connery slept with 21, Roger Moore bedded 18, Pierce Brosnan had ten, Timothy Dalton romanced four, and George Lazenby had three, not counting extras and continuity girls, and Daniel Craig is struggling to catch up with only two so far. The girls in the films are all perfect - outside of their acting...

Unlike his movie namesake, the Bond of the books was lucky if he got one girl per novel, and they were rarely as flawless. Honeychile Rider has a broken nose. Domino Vitale has one leg slightly shorter than the other and limps. Tatiana Romanov has a manly behind from ice skating. And in Moonraker Gala Brand dumps him for some ninny named Detective Inspector Vivian.

Some ladykiller.

"One of the rules of the Bond pictures is that you're not allowed to have a leading lady that can act -- because we can't afford them. This is very serious, for if ever we were to have a real leading lady, the next time around we'd have to have another one. And in no time at all we'd have to have Jane Fonda for $2 million and up."
- Guy Hamilton, Bond film director

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Music: "The Look of Love," from "Casino Royale" (1968)