SportsHollywood Castaway Party

"VERILY I SAY UNTO YOU, ONE OF YOU WILL BETRAY ME!" No, it's not the Last Supper. It's just the last course as the staffs of SportsHollywood and Comedy On Tap celebrate the lovely Karen Bailey's and the lovely Jeff Hause's birthdays at the lovely Castaway Restaurant, high up in the hills of not-so-lovely Burbank, California. The party was also to celebrate the commencement of pre-production on Films On Tap's BachelorMan. (Meaning that Jeff and Rodney got paid their screenwriting bonuses, so dinner was on them.)

FRONT ROW (from left): Office Goddess Melissa Jones, the obviously-drunk Dave West, a urine-colored beer, Jeff Hause (notice all of the empty wine glasses in front of this boozer), the lovely Karen "Birthday Girl" Bailey, the lovely Rodney Lee "Gunter the Blonde East German Masseuse" Conover.

BACK ROW (from left): Tony Graham, Michelle Jade Lee, Passions star Kathryn Hancock, Merritt Palmer Bailey, producer/actress Helen Woo, non-Passions star Steve Pinto, Kay Star (discretely slapping a 12th beer out of the hand of her son, Rodney).

NOT PRESENT (from left): Rich "Party Pooper" Hull, who has left the supper to betray Karen to the Roman centurions.

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