Ten Question with Amy Ashton!

"SWEET DISARMING AND LETHAL: With looks like Cindy Crawford and a mind like Denise Leary, this social satirist brings this multi-cultural room together as one! Wow, what a powerhouse!"

SportsHollywood spotted Amy Ashton on Thursday, July 10th, at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. The Comedy Store is hopping again! She shares the night with Eddie Griffin, Pauley Shore, and Dave Chapelle later in the evening.

Amy holds her own, to say the least. With her "Go on, f@*k with me, I dare you" attitude, she whips the crowd into frenzy.

She looks and sounds like a sexy female, but if you close your eyes, her thoughts are very male. She heralds a new generation where woman can be hilariously funny, powerful, clever and not once apologize for it.

Amy is one of the only stand-ups to be featured on the cover of The Sunday LA Times. She is a comic at all the clubs in Hollywood -- weekly at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. And regularly at The Ice House in Pasadena. She has been in numerous commercials, films HBO, Comedy Central, written on numerous projects, and currently has a screenplay she wrote in production. And look for her in the new pilot, "Positively Maybe".


SportsHollywood: Favorite Sports Movie, and what do you think the moral was?

ASHTON: "Remember the Titans." Look both ways before you cross the street, dumbass.

SportsHollywood: Favorite sports team:

ASHTON: Washington Redskins. Too bad they play so bad.

SportsHollywood: Do you celebrate Super Bowl Sunday?

ASHTON: Absolutely... I heard its the #1 day of domestic violence, so guys if you want to commit suicide drink my last beer and change that channel.

SportsHollywood: How did you get started in the business?

ASHTON: I was a print model with Wilhamina West. Besides doing print work they sent me out for a little movie Warren Beatty was doing "Dick Tracy", and I got it!

SportsHollywood: How would you describe Warren Beatty?

ASHTON: He's a genius, and kind.

SportsHollywood: So you were a model. How tall are you?

ASHTON: Too tall for you. Can we move on?

SportsHollywood: What was your most memorable stand-up job?

ASHTON: I was the host for the Women Lawyers Association, where they initiated a woman judge. That's when they featured me on the cover of the Sunday LA Times, and things snowballed from there. I did colleges and traveled all over the world.

SportsHollywood: Would you call yourself a feminist?

ASHTON: I call myself a people-ist.

SportsHollywood: Why writing?

ASHTON: God puts these things in my head and wants me to put them on paper. Performing is my first love, but the combination of being a writer has gotten me through doors just stand-up and acting couldn't. And its a way to make money and stay in town.

SportsHollywood: How would you compare The Comedy Store to other clubs?

ASHTON: The Comedy Store's a club that is about the stand-up's development (whether you're a new one or a huge star.) Where if you are lucky enough to have Mitzi pass you, you can get up several nights a week. It's probably some of the toughest and best training a stand-up can have -- both professionally and personally. They now have new "headliner" shows. A lot of big names are coming back, and work out. Lately it's been really magical.

Interview by Jeff Hause

Amy Ashton
Film: Lady Dressed in Black, Dick Tracy, Night Train to Terror, Bachelor Party.
Television: Judgement Day, Not Enough Time, That's Show Biz, Amy Inc., Brighter Side, Galactic Trader, "A" TV, 1st and 10, Can't Get Arrested, Positively Maybe.
Stand-Up Comedy: Weekly Regular at the Comedy Store, the Improv (on August 13), the Ice House, and with the Groundlings

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