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"Paget Brewster on Making 'Desperate but Not Serious'": Interview by Will Harris

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"Night Flight": Bill Fishman Profile

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"Joan Quinn Profiles": Bill Fishman interview

German Joey Lawrence DBNS Fan Page

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DBNS "Honička na chlapa"": "Desperate but not Serious" in Czech.

"Una Noche Salvaje": "Desperate but not Serious" in Spanish.

"Bröllopsjakten": "Desperate but not Serious" in Swedish.

"Отчаянные красотки": "Desperate but not Serious" in Russian.

"Désespéré mais pas Sérieux": "Desperate but not Serious" in French.

"相逢情尋路": "Desperate but not Serious" in Chinese. (2, 3, 4)

"Szeszélyes szerelem": Watch a scene in Hungarian

"วอร์มรัก ก่อนวิวาห์": "Desperate but not Serious" in Thai.

"Desperate but not Serious" on MUBI, "Beautiful, Interesting, Incredible Cinema." So there...

"Reckless + Wild" on MUBI, "Beautiful, Interesting, Incredible Cinema." Go figure...

"Desperate but Not Serious" O.S.T. on Ringostrack.com; Tumblir GIFs by karenkaren82; "Reckless + Wild" Wifflegifs; DBNS on Tik-Tok (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9); James Joyce's Love Letters with Paget Brewster; "Paget Brewster: Raise Your Glass";"Paget Fucking Brewster"; My Favorite Frances; Frances My Love: Paget Brewster: The Girl That Got Away; Paget the Love of My Life; SWecret Mission; Gigi; I Just Love Frannces; Never Trust a Party Girl; Tap if You Love Frances; Say NO to TODD; Best Movie Ever; 4/10 on IMDB, 10/10 in My Heart;

"Brewster Gets Serious: Thesp joins Schiffer, Taylor, Lawrence in Franchise pic," by Danny Lorber (Variety, July 23, 1998 )

"Taylor inks 20th TV deal:" "... she's also had roles in films such as 'The Craft' and the upcoming indie films 'Kiss Toldeo Goodbye' and 'Desperate But Not Serious'." Article by Jenny Hontz (Variety, June 25, 1998)

"Eastwood set for two indies:" "... she'll star for director Bill Fishman ('Tapeheads') in 'Desperate But Not Serious,' a pic to be produced by Jim Fishman and Mark McGarry at Phoenician Films." Article by Michael Fleming (Variety, February 25, 1998)

"Cusack makes quantum leap as physicist; Pic to be adapted by Wool, Fishman:" "Book will be adapted for the screen by 'Sid and Nancy' scribe Abbe Wool and Jimmy Fishman, the producer of 1999's 'Desperate But Not Serious.' ... Pic concerns what Fishman, a former solid-state physicist turned producer-screenwriter, calls a group of smugglers 'whose chaotic and random lives are suddenly given meaning by the laws of subatomic physics.' The ex-pat has what Fishman calls 'a quantum epiphany' about how their lives are governed by particles." Article by Claude Brodesser (Variety, January 9, 2001)

"Wessler moves 'Bachelor' to Noble House:" "Charlie Wessler, producer of the $200 million-plus hit 'Dumb and Dumber,' is setting up 'Bachelor Man' for Noble House Entertainment to finance through pre-sales with a $10 million budget, sources said Wednesday... Wessler will produce. Rodney Lee Conover and the team of Jeffrey Hause and David Hines scripted. In the pic, the ultimate bachelor, armed with good looks, charm and his seven-pound little black book, hones his pick-up and dating techniques. He spends his free time providing 'bachelor tips' to men on the prowl everywhere until he meets his match... Wessler also is in development on 'Something About Mary' and 'Curse of the Bambino,' both at 20th Century Fox. He is reuniting with 'Dumb and Dumber' collaborators Peter and Bob Farrelly for both pics." Article by Dan Cox (Variety, February 26, 1997)

"Fallout takes on 'Dolemite' redo:" "Fallout Entertainment has acquired the rights to remake the 1975 blaxploitation action comedy 'Dolemite.' Company principal Bill Fishman is slated to direct from a screenplay being written by Jeff Hause and David Hines. The film will be produced by Warren Zide." Article by Carolyn Giardina (AP; Hollywood Reporter, March 19, 2007)

The Actors' Gang was founded in 1981 by a group of young actors looking to build a theater that would present relevant and vibrantly entertaining plays. The ensemble has included accomplished actors such as Jack Black, Lee Arenberg, John Cusack, John C. Reilly, Brent Hinkley, Helen Hunt, Kate Walsh, Kyle Gass, Fisher Stevens, Ned Bellamy, Jeremy Piven, Ebbe Roe Smith, Kate Mulligan, Chris Hogan, Cynthia Ettinger and Tim Robbins. The theater company has presented the work of innovative theater artists including Georges Bigot, Simon Abkarian, Charles Mee, Culture Clash, Bill Rauch and The Cornerstone Theatre Company, Tracy Young, Namaste Theater Company, Roger Guenver Smith, Eric Bogosian, Oskar Eustis, Danny Hoch, Beth Milles, David Schweitzer, Brian Kulick, Stefan Haves, Jason Reed, Michael Schlitt and Tenacious D. Guest artists that have appeared on The Actors' Gang stage include: Jackson Browne, Sarah Silverman, Ben Gibbard, John Doe, Tom Morello, Jenny Lewis, Wayne Kramer, Paul Provenza, Zooey Deschanel, Serj Tankian, David Crosby, Pink, Felicity Huffman, Jill Sobule, William H. Macy, Phillip Baker Hall, Jeanne Tripplehorn, T.C. Boyle. and the late, beloved, Gore Vidal. Location: 9070 Venice Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232; (310) 838-4264

FYI: The girl in these photos is Sasha Larsen-Akins, who became a brilliant immunologist in vaccine development in Seattle, Washington, and is currently working to end the COVID-19 pandemic with Moderna, and then cure tuberculosis in the next decade! She has these photos framed on the wall with her life's other proud accomplishments.


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