Joey plays the character of "Darby Tipp" - a former child TV star turned stoner B-movie actor (the framed posters for some of Darby's films can be seen on the walls of his mansion, including the insect horror/thriller "Gi-ANT!").

Joe made his television debut at the age of 5 on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" singing "Give My Regards To Broadway" and "Zippity Doo Da".

He then guest-starred on the series "Silver Spoons" and "Diff'rent Strokes". From there he was cast in the series "Gimme A Break", which ran for four seasons. His next performance was as the dimwitted Joey Russo on the series "Blossom". It was on this show that Joey became a teen heartthrob. Teenage girls everywhere screamed his name and cried. (They did for me too, but it was always in revulsion and fear.)

In 1993, at the age of 17, he released his debut music album, the self-titled "Joey Lawrence". The album went gold in the United States and produced two hit singles -- the Top Ten smash "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" and "Stay Forever". The album sold over two million copies worldwide.

It was then that Joe pulled off a major trick that former teen sensations like David Cassidy, Leif Garrett, and Walter Cronkite could not: He KEPT WORKING! Not only that, he got BETTER LOOKING!!! With the few spare minutes still left between tapings, autograph signings, and teen magazine photo shoots, Joey put his shirt back on long enough to make guest appearances on the series "Empty Nest", "Almost Home" and "The John Larroquette Show". He also guest starred as himself on "VIP," as one of Pamela Anderson's clients. His second album, entitled "Soulmates", was released in 1997. Lawrence then starred in his own TV show with his brothers Matt and Andy - "Brotherly Love" - which now airs on the Disney Channel.

Mixing his music and acting careers, Lawrence played the dual roles of a rock star and a pizza delivery boy in the television movie "Prince for a Day", a modern re-telling of Mark Twain's "The Prince and the Pauper". (Will the sequel be titled "The Artists Formerly Known as Prince For a Day"?) In the George Lucas feature film "Radioland Murders", Lawrence made a cameo appearance as a handsome young crooner.

Besides DBNS, other films that Joe has appeared in are "Pulse" and "Chains of Gold" with friend John Travolta.

Currently, Joe is busy working on his third album, and is also starring in the next installment of the Urban Legend Movies: "Urban Legend 2".

This still leaves Joe with way too much free time, so he's also attending the University of Southern California along with his brother Matt.

Although Joe likes to keep his personal life a private matter, we don't, so we'll tell you that his previous girlfriends include actresses Kellie Martin, Keri Russell and Jennifer Love Hewitt. He also brought an extremely hot looking woman to a screening of Desperate. On top of that, Darby's Jerry Garcia song got the biggest laughs of the night.

All we can say is, "Whoa!!!"



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