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Once Bitten opened in the United States in November of 1985, followed by West Germany in 1986, and then cut a swath through France, Poland, and Eastern Europe—closely following the brutal, destructive path of Hitler's Third Reich. It has since played throughout the world, where people of all races, creeds and religions have joined in the communal experience of not laughing at my jokes:

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Worldwide Releases and Dates
Country Title Release Date
USA Once Bitten 15 November 1985
Australia Once Bitten 8 May 1986
Sweden Once Bitten 30 May 1986
West Germany Einmal beißen bitte 21 August 1986
Austria (alternative spelling) Einmal beissen bitte 21 August 1986
Spain Mordiscos peligrosos 25 May 1987
Spain (Barcelona) Mordiscos Peligrosos 30 July 1987
Portugal A Primeira Dentada 2 December 1988
Italy Se ti mordo... sei mio 1985
France (theatrical); Canada (DVD) Séduction á pleines dents 1985
France (video title) Vampire Forever 1996 (PFC Vidéo)
Poland (theatrical) Raz ugryziona 15 listopada 1985 (świat)
Poland (DVD title) Pocałunek księźniczki
Brazil Procura-se Rapaz Virgem
Finland Yksi puraisu
Hungary Csak egy harapás
Russia, Kazakhstan, Latvia Однажды Укушенный




Current Reviews

Once Bitten / Love At First Bite, combo Blu-Ray.
Thirty years after its initial theatrical premiere, Once Bitten was released on Blu-Ray, paired with Love At First Bite by the specialty company 'Shout! Factory' on February 10, 2015. It debuted at #8 on the Amazon comedy charts, #5 in the horror charts, and #5 in the romance charts (!). Critics were much kinder this time, as well (for the most part, anyway):

  • Geekscape: "It's undeniable that Once Bitten is a classic for a reason."

  • Hellnotes: "Once Bitten is a thoroughly 80s film, and that alone kicks it up a few rungs on my appreciation ladder. If I usually like comedies (and movies in general) from the 1970s, I usually love them from the 1980s. This oh so silly slice of cinema is no exception."

  • DVD Talk: "Lots of dirty jokes and sex references are scattered throughout the movie, some goofy double-entendres, and plenty of eighties colors and fashions keep it fun."

  • Mania: "This is one of those eighties classics that launched a star. Jim Carrey had been in a few things up to this point, but it is the role of Mark, the eighteen year old virgin, that launched his career."

  • Icons of Fright: "Carrey's knack for comedic timing is perfect, even back in 1985, as he commands every silly scene he's in. When Mark becomes to the victim of a vampire (played the gorgeous Lauren Hutton), and gets bitten, he finds his world turned upside down, and begins to act different than he typically does, leading his girlfriends and friends to try to figure out what's wrong with him. It's a hilarious film."

  • "I have always been a fan of 'Once Bitten' and maybe it is nostalgic reasons since my very first date as a kid was at the movies, seeing that very film. Who would have thought that is would take start Jim Carrey almost a decade to actually become a break-out star with 'Ace Ventura'? Although I would have loved to have seen 'Once Bitten' get its own blu-ray release with bonus content, I am happy to have a 1080p version available, even if is only as a combo with another film."

  • WhySoBlu: "The film does have some really good humor in it, and good ideas. It's never ridiculously funny, but there's a sort of charm I found and would definitely pop this one in again sometime." (Three stars)

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    Press Kit and Publicity Photos

    German Lobby Cards

    Einmal beißen bitte premiered in West Germany on 21 August 1986, creating the only night in history in which free West Germans were escaping over the Berlin Wall into repressive East Germany—just to avoid seeing the film.

    Lobby Card (India)

    Production Stills

    Deleted Scenes
    The following photos are from: A) a graveyard scene that was never filmed (however, publicity photos were still taken), and B) a wedding scene from a dream sequence that was filmed but cut after test screenings. Part of the cut footage can also be seen in the film's trailer. (Countess: "How would you like to spend eternity with me?" Mark: "I can't. I've gotta to go to college.")

    Continuity Photos

    In 2011, the film's continuity script (for makeup, hair, clothes, etc.) went up for auction on eBay. The 118 page production script is dated February 8, 1985 and features many highlighted sections and page after page of attached continuity Polaroids of the actors. I bid $500 (actually $501.01, to be precise), thinking that no sane person would outbid me at that price... and lost. Several months later it appeared on an online auction site, "Screen Used Movie Props and Wardrobe." I don't know what it sold for, but here are a few Images. The first seven are from eBay, and the rest from the auction site:

    press kit