ArcLight Premiere

Karen Bailey and Jeff Hause.

   There were two private screenings at ArcLight Hollywood on Thursday night, one for "The Hours," one for the upcoming "BachelorMan," but there was only one line snaking through the courtyard of the shiny new complex. "This line is for 'The Hours' only," said a handsome young man with an ArcLight dog tag around his neck as he moved along handing out discount parking stickers. "Is everyone in line here for 'The Hours'?"
   In a way, it was a moot question. One look at the queue and you knew these were not the sort of folks who were going to turn out for a film called "BachelorMan." The median age was perhaps 50, there were a lot of really good coats and handbags, much Coach and original Burberry, a few Liberty-type scarves. There were many clusters and pairs of women, some holding copies of the novel from which the film was made.
   A pair of twentysomething guys approached the end of the line. "Are you here for 'The Hours'?" the theater official asked. They shook their heads vehemently, looked a little frightened. "BachelorMan," they said in unison.
   No kidding.

By Mary McNamara, The Los Angeles Times, January 11, 2003