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New Bond fills Bill in "The Living Daylights"
John Glen Has Long Bond History
Aerial Derring-do for "Living Daylights"

007 Sharks Get Personal Cameraman
"Licence To Kill" - No. 16 and Counting
Production Design for that Bond Look

AMERICAN FILM - July/August 1987
James Bond at 25. By Alexander Cockburn

BONDAGE #8 - 1989
The Tom Mankiewicz Interview
Rare Books For Your 007 Library
The Ken Adam Interview
Behind the Scenes of "Diamonds Are Forever"
Moonraker's Journey From Book to Film

BONDAGE #9 - 1980
The Derek Meddings Interview - Richard Schenkman
James Bond's Hardware - Ian Fleming
A Panel Discussion with Broccoli, Gilbert, and Adam
My Friend the Octopus - Ian Fleming
Bob Simmons - Richard Schenkman
James Bond 007 Quizbook - Andy East

BONDAGE #10 - 1981
The Terence Young Interview - Richard Schenkman
Stanley Sopel: Associate Producer - Richard Schenkman
Treasures Of the Sea - Ian Fleming
Thunderball Open end Interviews
Maurice Binder at the Museum of Modern Art

BONDAGE #11 - 1982
John Gardner - Richard Schenkman
For Your Eyes Only Press Conference - Richard Schenkman
The 007 Night Spot
Twisting With James
Publish or Perish - Steven Jay Rubin

BONDAGE #12 - 1983
The John Glen Interview - Richard Schenkman and Tom Sciacca
A Visit to the Lilly Library - Raymond Benson
Never Say Never Again - Richard Schenkman
Talking With James Bond - Piero Corsini (Bon's Italian dub voice)
The Lois Maxwell Interview - Mark Greenberg

BONDAGE #13 - 1984
How To Write A Thriller - Ian Fleming
A Dialogue With Kingsley Amis - Raymond Benson
On the Set of "Diamonds Are Forever" - Danny Biederman
The Adolfo Celi Interview - Piero Corsini
... and check out the babe on the back cover...

BONDAGE #14 - 1985
The 1985 Model John Gardner - Richard Schenkman
Be Your Own James Bond - Raymond Benson
A View To A Kill
Ivar Bryce: A Remembrance - Ernest Cuneo
Sean Connery: Harvard Man of the Year

BONDAGE #15 - May, 1987
Casino Royale: The Forgotten Bond - Leonard Thomason
On the Set of "The Living Daylights" - Richard Schenkman
A Conversation with Timothy Dalton - Richard Schenkman
Sold! - Raymond Benson
Treasure Hunt in Eden - Ian Fleming

BONDAGE #16 - Winter, 1989
Treasure Hunt in Eden, Part Two - Ian Fleming
The Soundtracks to the Novels - Raymond Benson
Report from the Set of "License To Kill" - Richard Schenkman
Timothy Dalton Revisited - Richard Schenkman

BONDAGE #17 - 1990
Fleming's Life Depicted in "Goldeneye"
Treasure Hunt in Eden, Part Three - Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming's Other Spy - Jon E. Heitland
Chatting at the Plaza - Richard Schenkman
Every Man, His Own 007 - Richard Schenkman
A Visit to the James Bond Classroom - Raymond Benson

BRITISH HERITAGE - August/September 1995
Sean Connery: Beyond Bond

CAR & DRIVER - September, 1995
BMW Z3 roadster

CATS - July, 1995
Solomon -- Blofeld's cat in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

CELEBRITY SLEUTH - Oh, Oh, Seven! : Vol. 2 No. 5
All the leading ladies from every film including the latest 'License to Kill'

CINEFANTASTIQUE - Volume 19, Number 5; July, 1989
James Bond 007 Licence to Kill. Mark A. Altman

GoldenEye article

GoldenEye articles

CINESCAPE - Vol. 2, No. 2; November, 1995
The Year Of the Spy

CINESCAPE - Vol. 2, No. 7; April, 1996
Mission Impossible ("Warhead" article)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - February 17, 1995
Sean Connery Interview

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - No. 281/282 June 30/July 7, 1995
Cool Tribute to Martinis and Bikinis

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - No. 301; November 17, 1995
GoldenEye articles

ESQUIRE - Vol. 124, No. 5; November, 1995
Welcome Back, Mr. Bond:
Of Human Bondage
License To Hug (parody)
What Would You Do With Pussy Galore? (Quiz)

The Name's Bond, Euro Bond

THE FACE - Number 87: July, 1987
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Bond for Beginners. By Robert Sellers
John Barry interview by David Toop

FILM REVUE - April 1995
New Bond Age. Pierce Brosnan interview

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - No. 25; March-April, 1991
The 007 Upheaval
Richard Maibaum Obituary

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - No. 29; June-July, 1992
Whither James Bond?
And He Sure Won't Be On TV, Says Broccoli
But James Bond Will Return in... What? When?
James Bond Jr. Review

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - No. 30; Spring, 1993
James Bond Returns in '94
Death Is Forever review

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - No.32; Summer, 1994
The Once and Future Bond

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - No. 32; Spring, 1995
007 Returns in 'Goldeneye'

GQ - Vol. 57, Number 6; June, 1987
The Third Coming of 007. By Michael VerMeulen

GQ - Vol.59, No. 7; July, 1989
All Together Now: Sean Connery is an Icon! By Diane K. Shah

Special Issue: The Holywood Reporter Salutes James Bond 007 on His 25th Anniversary in Motion Pictures.

Ken Adam interview

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - June 8, 1995, page 35
Goldeneye wrap announcement
Roger Moore interview

GoldenEye Soundtrack

LIFE - August 10, 1962
Ian Fleming expose, photographs by Loomis Dean.

LIFE - April 3, 1964
From Russia With Love feature
Sean Connery profile

LIFE - August 28, 1964
Allen Dulles' memoir of Ian Fleming

LIFE - November 6, 1964
"Goldfinger" features

LIFE - January 7, 1966
"Thunderball" features

LIFE - October 7, 1966
"The Life of Ian Fleming," by John Pearson

"Bond Strikes Camp," a satire by Cyril Connolly

"Beautiful Bodies, Then and Now"

MAXIM (the Magazine For Men) - September, 1995
The Ultimate Bond Girls, by Jo Berry

Licensed to Thrill (Famke Janssen interview)
Golden Eye (Fleming's Jamaica)

NEWSWEEK - July 17, 1989
Ka-boom, Ka-bam, Ka-Bomb: He's back - leching and lusting and macho as ever.

NEW STATESMAN - April 2, 1965
"The Story Fleming Dared Not Tell!," by Kingsley Amis

NEWSWEEK - June 26, 1995
Periscope column

NEWSWEEK - August 21, 1995
Danger Duds: Suiting 007

THE NEW YORKER - June 24 & July 1, 1996
Review of Andrew Lycett's "Ian Fleming," by Anthony Lane

PARADE (Sunday Newspaper Supplement) - November, 1981
Dusko Popov profile in Personality Parade - answering a question from Maxine Proctor, of Medford, Ore.

PLAYBOY - Vol. 10, No. 5; May, 1963
"Dr. No" review

PLAYBOY - Vol.11, No. 5; May, 1964
"From Russia With Love" review

PLAYBOY - Vol. 12, No. 11; November, 1965
The Playboy Interview:Sean Connery
"James Bond's Girls," by Richard Maibaum

PLAYBOY - Vol. 13, No. 3; March, 1966
"Thunderball" review

PLAYBOY - Vol. 14, No. 6; June, 1967
"007's Oriental Eyefuls," by Roald Dahl

PLAYBOY - Vol. 18, No. 4; April, 1971
Lana Wood pictorial, with poetry

PLAYBOY - Vol.18, No. 12; December,1971
Vegas Comes Up 007 (uncredited)
Sex Stars of 1971 (features Timothy Dalton)

PLAYBOY - Vol. 34, No. 9; September, 1987
The Women of 007
Spy Wars
Now Hear This - A Field Guide to Bugs
"The Living Daylights" review

PLAYBOY - Vol. 44, No. 1; January, 1997
"Blast From the Past," by Raymond Benson

PREMIERE - July, 1989
The Ad Campaign That Wasn't

READER'S DIGEST (South African Edition) September 1995
"Is this the Man Who was James Bond?" by Lawrence Elliot

ROLLING STONE - October 27th, 1983
Sean Connery interview - Kurt Loder

ROLLING STONE - July 16th, 1987
Meet the New Bond - Gerri Hirshey

SHOW "The Magazine of the Arts" - August, 1962
"How to Write a Thriller," by Ian Fleming

STARBURST - Issue 199, March 1995
John Glen interview

STARBURST - Issue 200, April 1995
Goldeneye feature

STARLOG - Number 74, September, 1983
Lorenzo Semple, Jr. interview
Maurice Binder Interview

STARLOG - Number 75, October, 1983
The Forgotten James Bond
Barry Nelson: The First James Bond
Lorenzo Semple, Jr. interview
Barbara Carrera interview

STARLOG - Number 79, February, 1984
Irvin Kirshner interview

STARLOG - Number 122, September, 1987
25 Years of 007

STUDIO FOR MEN - Vol. 7 #14, Autumn/Winter 1995
Pierce Brosnan interview

TIME - Vol. 130 No.6; August 10, 1987
James Bond at 25: Bond Keeps Up His Siver Streak

VARIETY - February 10,1988
"James Bond vs. SPECTRE" announcement

VARIETY - July 1, 1989
"Licence To Kill" review


WGA WEST NEWSLETTER - December/January, 1988
Maibaum Makes 007 Come Alive - Writers Circle discussion
(Videotape available from the Writers Guild)


The Daily Express - London, August 8, 1986
That's My Bond! - Garth Pearce

The Daily Herald - suburban Chicago, August 11, 1995
Bond, James Bond is cool, cynical and utterly Brosnan - Dann Gire

The London Times - April 12, 1997
Licence To Make a Killing ("Zero Minus Ten" review) - John Naughton

The London Times - May 7, 1997
How Miss Moneypenny brought a mugger to heel - Joanna Bale

The London Times - March 22 1998
Was Fleming's brother the real James Bond? - Rob Corbidge and Tom McArthur

The Los Angeles Times: Sunday Calendar - July 26, 1987
007: Bonding Fact and Fiction - Leonard Klady
Reclaiming the Darker Side of Bond - Charles Champlin

The Los Angeles Times - July 14, 1989
'Licence' a Darker Version of Bond - Michael Wilmington

Los Angeles Times: Sunday Calendar - July 16, 1995
New Mission for a New Bond - David Gritten

New York Post - December 18, 1997
Brosnan Confesses To Secret 007 Scheme - Stephen Schaefer

New York Times: Obituaries - February 17, 1989: James Bond, Ornithologist, 89; Fleming Adopted Name for 007.

New York Times - July 14, 1989
Dalton Plays a Brooding Bond In His Latest Spy Turn - Caryn James

The New York Times - September 6, 1995
Wine Talk column - "Bollinger: The Champagne of James Bond 007".

Pravda - September 30, 1965
Preaching a License To Kill - Yuri Zhukov

Reuters - June 8, 1994
Pierce Brosnan is new James Bond - Maggie Fox

Reuters - February, 1995
James Bond, spy with new-look heroines - Paul Majendie

Reuters - April 23, 1997
James Bond To Drive BMW In New Film - John Gilardi

Reuters - December 22, 1997
Screenwriters Sue Makers Of New James Bond Film - Michael Miller

St. Paul Pioneer Press - February 6, 1995
Dalton? He's a No-No-Seven
Pierce Brosnan interview

Scotland Herald - November 25, 1999
The World is Not Enough marks a return to form for James Bond - Brian Pendreigh - 1998
Bond Vs. Bond - Denise Hamilton

Sunday Independent (Dublin, Ireland), June 11, 1995
For Pierce (and his girl) it's Kerry on 007

Sunday Times - 1950
Bang-Bang, Kiss-Kiss - Ian Fleming

USA Today - July 17, 1989
Dalton's bonding with 007 - Susan Spillman

USA Today - August 9, 1995
For 007, a fashion that's forever - Elizabeth Snead


The Life of Ian Fleming. By John Cork, editor, Goldeneye Magazine, The Ian Fleming Foundation

Ian Fleming-A Literary Style & Legacy. By John Cork, editor, Goldeneye Magazine, The Ian Fleming Foundation

NUKE Moviescape: Special Features - September 11, 1995
The spy who came in for the gold. By Edward Gross

Sneak Peek: A look at the preview of Goldeneye - September, 1995
What's that you say, Mr. Bond? By Bruce Reid


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NBC. Produced by David L. Wolper.
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British MTV Bond Special
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Understanding Modern Society: A Global Culture? 1990
Open University program

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Al Giddings profile
Narrated by James Coburn

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Executive Producer Nicholas Barrett

Entertainment Tonight. July 10, 1995
Sean Connery Interview

James Bond. 1995
Arts and Entertainment Biography

Roger Moore: A Matter of Class. 1995
Arts and Entertainment Biography

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