Some other sites that give you more up-to-the-minute Bond info on the new films, the whereabouts of your favorite Bond actor, and plenty of pictures of Bond girls in bikinis:

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The official site of the "Ian Fleming Foundation," by Panos Sambrakos, David Morefield and Deane Barker. Features exclusive interviews with famous Bond personalities, rare graphics and multimedia clips, and the FAQ.

Extra points for using the holy grail of Dalton fans, the Licence Revoked teaser poster, as their icon.

James Bond 007, OHMSS
The #1 Bond site, by Kimberly Last. It features all the latest news, reviews, trivia and information - Kimberly is the Bond fan's Internet Goddess.

Her Majesty's Secret Servant
This site features news and reviews, with a healthy emphasis on the written word. The site is run by Paul Baack and Tom Zielinski, both great guys, whose names were used in two recent 007 books by Raymond Benson, "The Facts of Death" and "High Time to Kill." (If you've ever read their flames in the James Bond newsgroup, you know they'd make awesome villains.)

Timothy Dalton's Official Home Page
A web site covering Dalton's entire career, with lots of pictures and some great promotional material from Licence To Kill, including an early plot outline from the screenwriter.

The Timothy Dalton Chat Group has even more info.

These sites really make you appreciate the range of the actor - playing everyone from Bond to Heathcliffe to Rhett Butler. I just wish somebody would post a sound file of his singing "Love Will Keep Us Together" in Sextette (which features a love scene with an 80-year-old Mae West - even 007 would've run in fear).

Bond's Bookshelf
By Bryan Krofchok. A guide to the literary James Bond series. Covers all the Fleming books, Amis' book, all of Gardner's, Benson's, etc.

How detailed is it, you ask? He's even included those rotten Christopher Wood film novelizations of The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker...

... The sadist...


Official James Bond Film site:
This is where you read all the nice news...

Official Eon Productions site:
This is where you read all the nice EON news...

James Bond Fan Club:
This biggest Bond fan club...

Dr. Shatterhand's Botanical Garden:
By Stuart Basinger. My new favorite Bond site. It displays every Bond paperback by Signet, which I collected as a kid (Bantam had the coolest covers, though. They were like movie posters. If he finds all those covers I'll die happy). Great name, too.

The Art of James Bond:
Movie posters; paperbacks, Playboy illustrations -- a beautiful site.

Marciniak's Place:
The "Espionage Notebook." Awesome database, still growing.

A site devoted completely to George Lazenby. In the words of the webmasters: "He WASN'T in the first....& he WASN'T in the most successful....& he DIDN'T appear in the most....but he WAS the BEST....and he WAS in the BEST!!!"

Nuvs'007 Shrine:
Rare video, image, and sound files collected from all over the Web. One of the most popular Bond sites on the Web. Just remember - you can spend $50 in phone bills trying to download movie scenes on your computer, or just buy the whole stinking video for twenty. Keep your head!

Agent James Bond:
Christopher Valentine's site can get you just about anywhere you want to go in the Bond universe.

007 Archives:
Another nicely-designed site. Ever-changing, ever-growing...

Movie Faults:
Every mistake ever made in a James Bond film. Factual errors, bloopers, technical foul-ups and logic breakers (I wonder if they count casting Lazenby).

The Saintly Bible:
Okay, it's not Bond, but the Saint is out of the same literary tradition - in fact without this character and Bulldog Drummond, there might not be a James Bond today. A great site - with slick graphics and lots of information. Now that interest is picking up again in Simon Templar, maybe fans will start to appreciate the original literary character - not the guy in the dorky Val Kilmer movie.

Matt Helm - the Unofficial Homepage:
Books only. Dean Martin fans need not read any further.

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