"Once Bitten" Music Video

Written by Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly and 3-Speed

I saw your face and right away.
Somethin' inside me trembled tenderly
And in your eyes, boy, I could see
You'd be mine. Mmmm-mmm!

I know your mind is filled with doubt
But I'm beggin' you to hear me out
No need for your suspicion.

Once Bitten - You won't feel no pain, boy.
Once Bitten - We're singin' in the rain, boy.
When lightnin' strikes, oh-oh
Your heart's gonna be mine forever.
Gonna be mine forever.
You won't feel no pain, boy.

Eyes on fire looked at me
And I saw somethin' there you didn't want me to see.
Your desire burnin' me
Like a flame, Oh-oh!

I know what it is you need
Why make it harder than it has to be?
I have this premonition.


We'll see the light.
We'll feel the thunder!
I need your touch.
It's a spell you put me under.
Ain't no denyin'
Gonna be mine forever...and I ain't lyin'.