DeLuise as Davis
"BachelorMan" finished its principle photography at Solar Studios in Glendale, California, on December 21, 2001. There were lots of hugs, kisses, and EDD applications sent out as soon as the last shot wrapped.

Afterwards, thoughts turned to "what's next" -- not in terms of film project, career, or family, but in terms of what kind of booze could we get ahold of immediately.

The good people at Smirnoff had sent us cases of their "Smirnoff Ice" to promote the film -- but our transportation team had finished those off during the first day of shooting, so we had to come up with a new plan.

So, seeing as there is NOWHERE to drink in Glendale, California, we traveled to the quiet, sleepy little hamlet of Toluca Lake to get sloshed in an Irish pub called Timmy Nolan's.

What followed has become legendary in local Burbankian folklore: Drinking, debauchery, nudity, animal lust, nudity, the illegal smoking of Cuban cigars, and did we mention nudity? Anyway, it WOULD have become legendary if anybody had been sober enough to remember what happened. Instead, we have these pictures.

Since we had just made a film featuring an eighty-year-old woman wearing sexy lingerie with a Depends diaper, a juggling dwarf in a jester's suit, the "FrankenPalmer" (you don't want to know), and a baby trying to crawl back into his mother's womb, we all assumed we were going to Hell, anyway, and decided to have the wildest party we could.

On hand were John Putch (literally on Cynthia's hand, see below), stars David DeLuise and Missi Pyle, co-stars Sean Masterson, Larry Thomas (Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi"), Helen Woo, and a host of actors who all looked like they were auditioning for a remake of THE DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES.

There were also many people from the crew, who were no more drunk than usual.

Also there were many friends of the production, including Mark McGarry of Franchise Films, massage therapist Cinthia Dahl (fresh off Warner Brothers lot where she massaged the cast of ER -- it says a lot when a woman will take her hands off Erik Palladino to be with you), a bunch of freeloaders from Warner Brothers, Disney and Universal who scuttled up from the bottom floor of Timmy's as soon as they heard there was a wrap party happening upstairs, and many others too numerous to mention in all of the police lineups.

Missi brought her charming husband, Antonio, who is a professional storyteller, and can hopefully come up with some clever fibs for the partygoers to tell in court next month when the public indecency trial starts.

The next morning we all woke up in a gutter and realized we had three days before Christmas, which meant not only that we were all due a long visit to the confessional for attending this party, but also that we had to buy a gift for every friend, family member, and public defender we knew in just three days.

Thank God we lifted DeLuise's credit cards while he was asleep under the table.