James Harrison Coburn (1928-2002)
R.I.P., Ultimate BachelorMan!
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  • PRODUCTION: A Films on Tap presentation. Produced by Karen Bailey, Rodney Lee Conover, Helen Woo. Executive producer, Tad Lebeck. Co-producers, John Putch, Jerry P. Jacobs, Jeffrey C. Hause, Dave Hines. Directed by John "MarriedMan" Putch.
  • CREW: Camera (color, DV), Keith J. Duggan; editor, Randy Carter; music, Steve Bauman, J. Lynn Duckett; production designer, Philip Michael Brandes; art director, John Philpotts; set decorator, Greg Sanger; costume designer, Bonnie Stauch; sound (Dolby Digital), Dennis R. Grzesik; animation and visual effects, Atlanteum Visual Arts; assistant director, Tom Milo; casting, Thom Klohn.
  • Production photos by Greg Peters, Shauna Giesbrecht, and Dave West.

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