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Country of Origin: USA
Language: English
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Running Time: 90 minutes
Director: John Putch
Producer(s): Rodney Lee Conover, Karen Bailey
Writer(s): Rodney Lee Conover, Jeff Hause, David Hines
Cast: David DeLuise, Missi Pyle
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Ted Davis is a scoring machine. He's got the rap, the charm, and his little black book weighs several pounds. Ted is a guru to his buddies. This is a man's man, a ladies' man, a super-hero! He's Ted Davis: "Bachelorman"... until he falls head over heals for his new neighbor, a beautiful long-legged, athletic and loud phone sex operator.

BELOW: Photos of David DeLuise and John Putch from "Bachelorman"; The Gulf Stream Hotel; The 8th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival, April 6, 2003; Lake Worth; Florida. (Photos by Ray Mickshaw/Contour by Getty Images); "BachelorMan" poster from the festival; David DeLuise accepts "Audience Favorite" award from Suzanne DeLaurentiis; Director Brett Ratner, producer Robert Evans, and Michael Jackson in a "Me Too" moment from Hell with Al Malnick; 'Sun-Sentinal' review; 'Venice Magazine' coverage ("BachelorMan" is in the third column).

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