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Woody Allen

Okay, he slept with his girlfriend's adopted daughter. Chaplin slept with teen-agers, too -- so I can't enjoy any of his films now, either?

Egon Shiele slept with his sister -- so I have to hate his art?

Socrates slept with little boys -- should I dump philosophy now, too?

Thomas Jefferson had a child with one of his slaves -- should I renounce the Declaration of Independence?

I guess what I'm saying is that despite what I think of Woody's morals, I love his films. I don't have to apologize for him or myself to like his work.

So when people wrinkle their noses at me and say, "You like him? I can only shrug and say, "Yeah -- and FUCK YOU!!"

What other films can I watch? I've seen the work of all the "moral" people in Hollywood, and most of it SUCKS!

Everything Woody does is great. Every script should win an Academy Award that he won't accept. (Now, if Pauly Shore sleeps with a relative, I say we burn him at the stake.)

"The Creation of the Universe," from Annie Hall

Woody Allen is the author of numerous plays, short stories, and films. He has been nominated for many Motion Picture Academy and Writers Guild awards for his film work -- and even won a few before the respective organizations figured out that he wasn't going to show up to get the awards ... Oh yeah, and he married his long-time girlfriend's daughter. Whether he was forced to give the bride to himself during the wedding ceremony is unknown.


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