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Rodney Lee Conover - Co-President.

Rodney has been performing on stage professionally for fourteen years both as a stand-up comic and comedic actor. Rodney is currently co-host of the wildly popular "Jay Thomas Show" on Sirius Satellite Channel 108 and XM Channel 139.

Most recently, Rodney produced the feature film "BachelorMan" written with fellow COT staffers Jeff Hause & Dave Hines. Rodney was also credited with breaking in the MoHo. Mmmm...moho

You can E-mail him here

Jeffrey C. Hause - Co-President.

Jeff has been written professionally (in a very amateur fashion) for entertainers like Jay Leno, Jim Carrey, Rodney Dangerfield, Gabe Kaplan, Rick Dees, Rush Limbaugh (sorry) and other people he'd rather not tell you about. He's also written screenplays for producers like Ivan Reitman, Richard Donner, Ray Stark, Lawrence Turman, and Samuel Goldwyn Jr., at studios like Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Columbia, MGM, Franchise Pictures, Interscope Communications and The Hallmark Channel. His credits include "ONCE BITTEN", "A LITTLE BODY (OF) WORK", "DESPERATE BUT NOT SERIOUS", "BACHELORMAN", "PIRATE CAMP", and "HOLIDAY BAGGAGE". He is currently working on the book "RING-TAILED ROARER: DAVY CROCKETT FROM STUMP TO SCREEN". In his spare time, he worries that this is all meaningless and stares into a great, dark, gaping abyss as the earth crumbles around him. E-mail his agent for his comedy rates. Here's his résumé & e-mail.

A host of Contributors:

Parker Shipp, Betty Okino, Nicole Brune, Deena Dill, Shannon Young, Kristen Strawbridge, Brandi Michele (COT models), Foster Johnson (graphics), Karen Bailey (Associate Producer, BachelorMan Producer), Melissa Jones (Associate Producer), Dave Hines (contributing writer), Jerrod Cardwell (contributing writer), Susan Lewis (accounting), Markus Carter (computer consultant), Dave West (cracker-ass), Steve Grieger (joke contributor), Ted Ramsey (joke contributor), Stan DeWitt ("Day Guy" theme), Michael Bayouth (graphics consultant), John Kearns (consultant), Sasha Larsen (art), John Putch (BachelorMan Director), Helen Woo (BachelorMan Producer), Dave Warden (The Warden Group, Theatrical Representation), Steve Pinto (Photography), Glenn Roundtree (Trainer). Did I mention Parker? ... mmm... Parker....

Ed Smith - Resident computer genius.

Ed handles all of the computer problems, Internet screw-ups, and E-Mail catastrophes that occur hourly in the COT offices, thanks to the above-mentioned Idiot Executives. He knows every password, and has touched every file. We fear Ed.

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